Amway Queen Cookware replacement handle & lid knob

If you are like me with a set of Amway Queen cookware, you will inevitably find yourself looking to replace the handle or lid knob as they will eventually fall apart. Even though the Queen cookware line has been discontinued for a long time now, those of us who bought them will probably still be using them for many more years.

For those of you looking for a long handle replacement, make sure you look at the connector on the saucepan/skillet. If yours is a round piece like the picture here, you can still find a replacement handle. The new replacement handle looks different then the original but will definitely fit. If you have one that is like a rectangular bracket with a hole for the screw, only the short handle will fit. The replacement short handle has a metal ring that you can take off and I like the fit better without the metal ring.

Here's where you can get them:
long handle:
short handle:
Lid knob: